Fashion as an instrument for expressing a mood or personality, and the subsequent interaction between the wearer and the feelings of comfort, sex drive, intellect, and creative energy that are manifested, underpin my continued exploration in this field.  The emotional and intellectual provocation stimulated in the observer create dynamics that provide context for inspiration, engagement, controversy, ambivalence... Interestingly, I find this to be true in many of my artistic interests. 

I draw inspiration and intention from mentalities, moods, art, culture, design, or simply an idea. The trajectory of my work in fashion will continue to evolve and explore textiles, textures, techniques and shapes to evoke possibilities. The logo represents an open mind and the multiple perspectives that are needed for me to stay connected to the pulse of a higher vibration. Flexible thinking counters the rigidity of good and bad while fostering innovation, creativity and a better relationship with the world.